This was originally a website to showcase my photography and to introduce
Hatteras Island, North Carolina. This is no longer the case.
Hatteras Island is still there and is still unique but I no longer live there and
my focus and interests have changed. These interests and topics are now the basis of this site.
This will be a combination of blog, photo presentation, personal history,
my interest and hobbies, and anything else that I might feel strongly about.

Navigate through the different areas below to learn about Hatteras island and some of its many different aspects.

Currently, only the PhotoAlbum is complete.
Please check back regularly.


Things to do and see on Hatteras Island.


Photo Album

My pictures of many aspects of island life and beauty.


From hotels to fishing charters-find them here.

The Archives

Click the picture below to go to the archives page - a collection of
photos and narratives of past events (mostly storms) on Hatteras Island
that are no longer current but still interesting.

Downtown Buxton Pre Izzy

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